Mayor of San Juan: What Will You Do in a Moral Crisis?

Her voice often cracking with emotion, the mayor of San Juan, P.R., used her BU Baccalaureate address Sunday at Marsh Chapel to take attendees to the ghostly streets of her devastated island, while urging them to raise their voices against injustices. Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto (CAS’84, Hon.’18) recounted her role as global troubadour for her […]

Commencement Speaker Rep. John Lewis Champions Civil Rights

If you had to choose one life to represent the best of America over the last century, John Lewis’ would be a good choice. Lewis went from childhood poverty in the Jim Crow South to heroism on the frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement and on to the halls of Congress, where as the representative of Georgia’s […]

Louis Chude-Sokei Wants African American Studies Program to Be a Central Place

Think of African American studies and robots probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But the new director of BU’s African American Studies Program points out that the way we think about robots and artificial intelligence today is the same way white people once thought about black people. In fact, he says, the word […]

MED Researcher Ann McKee Makes Time’s 100 Most Influential People List

Ann McKee “may have saved my life,” former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland writes in Time magazine’s annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people. Her research into chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the progressive brain disease crippling many athletes and soldiers, persuaded Borland to abandon pro football after just one season. Joining McKee, a School […]

TV Behemoth Raises Journalistic Concerns

Call it the Stepford Anchors: dozens of talking heads on local newscasts around the country parroting the same script denouncing “false news.” Media observers found the message disturbing for three reasons: It echoed President Trump’s mantra about fake news, raising concerns of partisan water-carrying. The anchors all were ordered to read the script by their employer, […]

POV: As It Was for MLK, the Present and Future Should Be Our Focus

On April 4, 1967, precisely one year before an assassin’s bullet killed the dreamer Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (GRS’55, Hon.’59), he made a courageous statement at Riverside Church in New York City opposing the war in Vietnam. I was reminded of Dr. King’s highly publicized plea for nonviolence during a recent visit to the […]

BU Expert: Trump Opioid Plan a Dud

Give President Trump this much: he’s assertive when presenting plans. Trump’s opioid initiative, announced last week, plugged the death penalty for drug dealers and cutting illegal immigration, which Trump blamed for much of the opioid scourge, but it was light on public health initiatives. “The current crisis is caused by particularly potent and dangerous drugs that […]

POV: What Was Different about the March for Our Lives

We had seen it all before. The signs. The crowds. The chanting. “Enough is enough.” “Never again.” “Not one more.” But this protest felt different. This past weekend, I traveled to Washington, D.C., to participate in the March for Our Lives, one of 800 related marches across the globe Saturday calling for commonsense gun laws. […]